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6  (60%) 5 Min 0 Sec

  1.  They ________ that the school library was closed for renovation so they went to National Library instead.

    Your answer=B, Correct answer= B,

  2.  When Joanne heard that her painting had won the first prize, she was so ________________ that she began to cry.

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= B,

  3.  Hilary is a very gullible girl. She is easily ____________________ by what other people say.

    Your answer=B, Correct answer= A,

  4.  What did you ________? I didn't hear you.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

  5.  We _______ clear the tables in the canteen after we have eaten our meals.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

  6.  All but Winston _____________________ a souvenir each at the exhibition last night.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= D,

  7.  Jaclyn felt so ________ of herself when she managed to clinch the top prize in the competition.

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= C,

  8.  Although Tom has a cold, he can still ________ as fast as Joe during P.E. lesson.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

  9.  The children _________ playing soccer in the field every Sunday.

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= A,

  10.  After losing the chess game, James sat on the deck chair looking _______________ .

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

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