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7  (70%) 2 Min 28 Sec

  1.  Did you know that there _________ 365 days in a year?

    Your answer=B, Correct answer= A,

  2.  She _____ the newspaper when I went into the room.

    Your answer=D, Correct answer= D,

  3.  Please return the book______me tomorrow

    Your answer=B, Correct answer= C,

  4.  If you commit a traffic offence, you will have to pay a ______

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,Work Sheet:

  5.  I bathse the puppy every [red]Saturday[/red] by _____

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= C,

  6.  Please put the flask_____the chai.r

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

  7.  The tiger patiently _______________ its prey before making its next move.

    Your answer=D, Correct answer= A,

  8.  We _______ clear the tables in the canteen after we have eaten our meals.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

  9.  It is very _________ to interupt when a person is talking. We should wait for our turn to speak.

    Your answer=B, Correct answer= B,

  10.  Xi Li was ____________________ as she had won the top prize in the Essay Competition.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

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