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2  (20%) 50 Sec

  1.  All winners in the contest will be ___________________ by post.

    Your answer=D, Correct answer= A,

  2.  Sean told his mother that he ________ a nightmare the night before.

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= B,

  3.  They swam______the pool in a short time

    Your answer=, Correct answer= C,

  4.  A _________________ of monkeys was chattering noisily in the trees.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= C,

  5.  The soldiers who ____________________ at the National Parade looked smart and proud.

    Your answer=D, Correct answer= B,

  6.  The children _________ playing soccer in the field every Sunday.

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= A,

  7.  Wen Hui _____________ the office an hour ago. She ______________ for a meeting.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= A,

  8.  _______________ your own Christmas cards can be really fun.

    Your answer=D, Correct answer= D,

  9.  Rachel, who is short-sighted, has to sit _______ the class. If she sits too far away from the board, she cannot see the words written on the board.

    Your answer=C, Correct answer= D,

  10.  Mary enjoys stamp-collecting as a __________________. She spends a lot of time during the holidays on the activity.

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= C,

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