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     A young British woman had shortly arrived in Hong Kong and had not yet anything about the Chinese . One day she went to the home of a Chinese friend and was given a cup of Chinese tea. She was not and she also found this type of tea rather . However, since she had been given the , she felt she should it. Hoping to finish it so that she would not feel about having to drink this tea which she did not , she started to drink as much of as she could. But her cup became half - full, the host giving her more. Several times she told the host that she had had , but it seemed to have no . Her cup kept being , and she kept on drinking. During the time of her , she drank about 12 cups of tea. Only later did she find out that she should have just the tea, and that this would have meant that she had had enough. Influenced by her culture, she felt it too to leave the tea and could not why the host took no notice of her protests that she had had enough!

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