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     I don’t remember the first time I went to a bookstore. I remember the first time I bought a book. was when I was in the Second Grade and had just got all As on my card. My mum said, as a, I could pick out a book and she would it for me. This was a BIG TREAT. My mum doesn’t like to a lot of money. even if we have been very rich all the time.
     A book my own! One that I didn’t have to take back to the ! I skipped off to the section and picked out. “Romona the Brave”, a wonderful book that I had read before and loved. a great treasure, to have a book that I could read I wanted it!
     since then, I have been a creature of and can spend hours in them. Iall my current favorite authors in the hope that they’ve written a new book. Then I look at all the authors I used to . It’s like seeing old friends.
     Everywhere I go, I a bookstore. In England, the books are to look at. They are very different from American books, with different punctuation, spelling and subject matter. One popular for teenagers is all about kids at a boarding school—I guess it’s pretty for English kids to boarding schools.

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