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     Please use each word in the following box once:

    of often had but though
    one that and over an
    whose never since have a

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         Mr Roderick Goh has a different mobile phone for each of the different countries that he visits regularly on business. Being a regional director, (1) Motor Power Enterprises, he travels so much that his seven mobile phones are indispensable.
         The business management graduate from Queensland University, took (2) the regional director post only last year; however, he has (3) travelled to over 30 different countries.
         He says, "One of my favourite destinations is Thailand. It has (4) unique culture with great history behind it. In Bangkok, I like to patronise local restaurants (5) delicacies are cheap and good. (6) my favourite restaurant is "Mai Krup", my Singaporean colleagues hate eating there because it's fly-infested. Almost all my colleagues who (7) eaten at "Mai Krup" spend the night in the lavatory. They (8) tease me that I could be a successful hitman!
         (9) highly memorable experience was my trip to Beijing. It snowed heavily every day and my face was numb (10) frozen all day! I was sure that I could peel my ears off by the end of the trip!"

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