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     Please use each word in the following box once:

    and as from of that
    about at if outside where
    around by into on with

    Please do not press "Submit" at the end of the exam until you are sure of your responses, as your test will be graded immediately.

         We will spend five exciting days in the city (1) everything is a party. Musical groups enliven the streets (2) the men and women of Valencia parade (3) in traditional costumes, and the nights come alive (4) breathtaking displays (5) fireworks.
         All this hustle (6) bustle is quietened only (7) the so-called mascleta. It is a Valencia-style spectacle of sound and light that we can watch (8) a prime spot because we will be staying at the four-star hotel located in the plaze right (9) the town hall.
         The festivities conclude on the night of St. Joseph, when the 350 fallas spread around the city are burned and Valencia becomes the city of fire. It is a moment that blends emotion and sadness as people start thinking (10) the falla they will build for next year as they bid goodbye to this year's creations.

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