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     Please use each word in the following box once:

    above although away so before
    despite due in moreover only
    to their up which where

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         Recently, Shenzhen has become a popular shopping destination. Like Singaporeans who have been traveling in droves to nearby Johor Bahru for shopping and good food, Hong Kong locals have been enjoying trips to Shenzhen (1) there are discounts, attractions and fine cuisine galore. This open secret has been the choice for many out to have some weekend fun and it is (2) a matter of time (3) Shenzhen becomes one of the top must-visit destinations in Asia.
         A stone's throw (4) from the hustling and bustling city of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is gaining a name as a commercial hub of China, partly (5) to it being a Special Economic Zone. (6) Shenzhen may lack the natural beauty, the industrious city makes it up with its wide number of man-made amusement parks and sheer ambition to be a cut (7) the rest.
         (8), Shenzhen locals take (9) food seriously. Regional delicacies are found everywhere in this migrant city though the most popular styles of cooking would have to be Cantonese and Hunan cuisine.
         An ideal place for a family vacation, it appeals (10) many as it is not too far away, is a shoppers' paradise and has interesting places to keep the children occupied for the day. It's definitely worth spending time there.
         (Extracted from Golf Digest April Issue 2005)

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