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     Please use each word in the following box once:

    through if as whom which
    he who they for about
    all of with unless on

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         Once two wealthy friends got into a lively argument. One said that to become rich, a man needed to start (1) some money.
         The other said that to become rich, (2) a man needed was luck. They decided that (3) they could find an honourable man, he might be able to prove who was right.
         One day, while travelling (4) a small village, they noticed a miller (5) grinding some corn, (6) paused and asked the man (7) his work. The miller told them that he worked (8)[~~] a boss and earned only fifty cents a day, with (9) he had to support a family of five.
         The friends were surprised. "Are you saying that you can support a family (10) five on only fifteen dollars a month?" one man asked.
         "I live modestly to make ends meet," the humble man said.

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