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     Please use each word in the following box once:

    loud in silent produce rumbling
    hungry produce off muffles down

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        It is almost dinner time. You have not eaten and you are feeling (1). Then you hear a low (2) in your belly, as if there is an angry "little monster" trapped in there. How does that funny gurgling noise come about?

         It is actually the sound of gas and liquids moving (3) your stomach or small intestine. The job of your stomach and small intestine is to break (4) your food and turn it into the energy and nutrients the body needs.

         It can be sometimes embarrassing if your stomach decides to make all this noise at the wrong time. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee if will stay (5) as the noise can happen even when your stomach is full. However, having food in there (6) the sound and the noise is usually softer.

         When there is no food in your stomach, your body will (7) hunger contractions. This action can set (8) a symphony of sounds. these hunger contractions may continue for ten to twenty minutes and then repeat until you eat again.

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