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  1. 1244 Samy made some statements about the plant shown below.

    Which of the following statement(s) he made was/were correct?
    A: It can reproduce.
    B: It can move on its own.
    C: It does not need food to stay alive.

  2.  The diagram below shows 3 containers. Jieming has 500cm3 of oxygen and 500cm3 of petrol. He wants to transfer all the oxygen and petrol into another container.
    Which of the following containers would be able to hold all the oxygen and petrol?

  3.  Mary poured some icy cold soft drink in a jar, covered it with a metal lid and placed it on a table with a thin glass top as shown below. At which of the following parts would she observe tiny water droplets after 5 minutes?

  4.  An empty glass with a piece of tissue paper stuck to its inner surface was lowered into a basin of water. The diagram below shows what was observed when the glass was fully submerged.

    What does the experiment show?

  5.  In the Earth's water cycle, when water vapour condenses, it _______________.

  6.  A measuring cylinder was filled with some water. Then 2 identical marbles were added to it.

    What is the volume of each marble?

  7.  The graph below shows the number of fishes in ponds, A, B, C and D, over a period of 6 months.
    Which pond contains water that is most likely not polluted?

  8.  The layer of air that covers the surface of the Earth is known as ______________.

  9.  The table below shows the number of seedlings planted in a plot of land over a period of 2 weeks.
    Number of seedlings

    What could have caused the changes in the number of seedlings over the 2 weeks?
    A: A drop in the supply of water to these seedlings.
    B: A decrease in the number of animals feeding on the seedlings.
    C: Regular rainfall resulting in the plants getting enough water.
    D: Lack of nutrients in the soil.

  10.  Which 1 of the following animals is not correctly matched to its breathing part?

    Breathing parts
    Mud skipper

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