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  1. 1234 Mary poured some icy cold soft drink in a jar, covered it with a metal lid and placed it on a table with a thin glass top as shown below. At which of the following parts would she observe tiny water droplets after 5 minutes?

  2.  The boxes below represent the different states of water in the water cycle.

    Which of the following correctly describe A?
    A: It is made up of tiny water droplets.
    B: It is formed when water evaporates.
    C: It is invisible.

  3.  Air is matter because it _________________.
    A: has mass
    B: occupies space
    C: cannot be compressed

  4.  Which of the following are some causes of water pollution?
    A: Oil spills
    B: Deforestation
    C: Rubbish thrown from a ship
    D: A gardener uses insecticide near a pond

  5.  Which 1 of the following diagrams correctly shows the exchange of gases between the leaf of a plant and the surrounding air on a dark night?

  6.  The layer of air that covers the surface of the Earth is known as ______________.

  7.  A girl observed that a fruit was thorny and had an unpleasant smell. Name all the sense that can help her to male these observations.
    A: Sense of smell
    B: Sense of sight
    C: Sense of taste
    D: Sense of touch

  8.  A glass of milk has the same volume as a block of butter.

    They both __________________________________.

  9.  Living things cannot survive without water.
    Why is water important to living things?
    A: Water is home to many living things.
    B: Water is needed by living things to carry out life processes.
    C: Water is needed by green plants to make food.

  10.  An empty glass with a piece of tissue paper stuck to its inner surface was lowered into a basin of water. The diagram below shows what was observed when the glass was fully submerged.

    What does the experiment show?

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