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  1. 1242 Why is the water cycle important to living things?

  2.  Kelly observed that bubbles were released when she squeezed a sponge in water.

    Which 1 of the following statements correctly explains why it happened?

  3.  The diagram below shows 3 containers. Jieming has 500cm3 of oxygen and 500cm3 of petrol. He wants to transfer all the oxygen and petrol into another container.
    Which of the following containers would be able to hold all the oxygen and petrol?

  4.  Selma set up the experiment as shown below. She poured equal amounts of water into 4 different glass containers and placed them under the Sun.

    She was testing the effect of the _______________ on the rate of evaporation of water.

  5.  Jim added some hot water into a beaker of ice.
    Which of the following statement is correct?
    A: The ice gains heat and melts faster.
    B: The hot water loses heat and melts the ice.
    C: The ice changes from solid state to liquid state.

  6.  Mary poured some icy cold soft drink in a jar, covered it with a metal lid and placed it on a table with a thin glass top as shown below. At which of the following parts would she observe tiny water droplets after 5 minutes?

  7.  A beaker containing water at 10° C was left on a table at room temperature. After 5 minutes, water droplets were observed on the outer surface of the beaker.

    What inferences can be made based on the experiment above?
    A: The room temperature is higher than 10° C.
    B: Condensation has taken place.
    C: The water droplets come from the water in the beaker.

  8.  A glass of milk has the same volume as a block of butter.

    They both __________________________________.

  9.  The layer of air that covers the surface of the Earth is known as ______________.

  10.  Which 1 of the following is not a matter?

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