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  1. 1219 The layer of air that covers the surface of the Earth is known as ______________.

  2.  The diagram below shows 3 containers. Jieming has 500cm3 of oxygen and 500cm3 of petrol. He wants to transfer all the oxygen and petrol into another container.
    Which of the following containers would be able to hold all the oxygen and petrol?

  3.  The diagram below shows the container with Substance X when placed in different positions.

    Based on the diagram above, which of the following statement(s) is/are definitely true?
    A: X is a gas.
    B: X can be compressed.
    C: X occupies space.

  4.  An empty glass with a piece of tissue paper stuck to its inner surface was lowered into a basin of water. The diagram below shows what was observed when the glass was fully submerged.

    What does the experiment show?

  5.  In the morning, Julia noticed water droplets on the outside of the cars even though it did not rain the night before.
    Which 1 the following statements explains what happened?

  6.  The graph below shows the change in temperature of ice as it was being heated over a flame for a period of time and left to cool. Use the information in the graph to answer questions 13 and 14.

    The flame was removed after the _______ minute.

  7.  A group of scientists discovered that certain stretches of the river were polluted with toxic chemicals. Which factory(ies) is/are most likely responsible for the water pollution?

  8.  Which of the statement is/are true about all matter?
    A: Matter has volume
    B: Matter can be compressed.
    C: Matter can be seen.

  9.  The boxes below represent the different states of water in the water cycle.

    Which of the following correctly describe A?
    A: It is made up of tiny water droplets.
    B: It is formed when water evaporates.
    C: It is invisible.

  10.  Study the classification chart below carefully.

    Which 1 of the above materials is wrongly classified?

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