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  1. 1206 The diagram below shows 3 containers. Jieming has 500cm3 of oxygen and 500cm3 of petrol. He wants to transfer all the oxygen and petrol into another container.
    Which of the following containers would be able to hold all the oxygen and petrol?

  2.  Sally puts 4 substances into round, plastic containers. Which of the following does not take the shape of its container?

    A: Oil
    B: Sand
    C: Marbles
    D: Chicken soup

  3.  The table below shows the number of seedlings planted in a plot of land over a period of 2 weeks.
    Number of seedlings

    What could have caused the changes in the number of seedlings over the 2 weeks?
    A: A drop in the supply of water to these seedlings.
    B: A decrease in the number of animals feeding on the seedlings.
    C: Regular rainfall resulting in the plants getting enough water.
    D: Lack of nutrients in the soil.

  4.  A beaker containing water at 10° C was left on a table at room temperature. After 5 minutes, water droplets were observed on the outer surface of the beaker.

    What inferences can be made based on the experiment above?
    A: The room temperature is higher than 10° C.
    B: Condensation has taken place.
    C: The water droplets come from the water in the beaker.

  5.  What was the room temperature?

  6.  The boxes below represent the different states of water in the water cycle.

    Which of the following correctly describe A?
    A: It is made up of tiny water droplets.
    B: It is formed when water evaporates.
    C: It is invisible.

  7.  The layer of air that covers the surface of the Earth is known as ______________.

  8.  Gordon wanted to find out what type of soil was suitable for growing roses. He planted 3 rose plants of similar size in 3 pots, X, Y and Z.

    Pot X
    Pot Y
    Pot Z
    Material of pot
    Type of soil
    Garden soil
    Amount of water used everyday
    250 cm3
    300 cm3
    350 cm3

    The 3 plants were placed in the garden as shown below.

    Gordon's father told him that he had not carried out a fair test as not all the controlled variables were kept the same. Which of the following should be kept the same?
    A: Type of soil
    B: Size of pot
    C: Amount of water

  9.  A glass of milk has the same volume as a block of butter.

    They both __________________________________.

  10.  When the weather is very cold, 'white clouds' seem to be coming out of our mouths when we speak and breathe out. This is because of the change in the states of water from _____________________.

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