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  1. dmm4q117  24 tenths - 2 hundredths=_____________.

  2.   Sally mixes 230 g of nuts and 1.24kg of fruits to make a bowl of salad.
    What is the mass of the fruit salad?

  3.   Write `125/10` as a decimal.

  4.  The figure is obtained by removing some small squares from a big rectangle. Find the area of the figure.

  5.   Jane had `3/8` as much money as Anna. After Jane had spent `1/6` of her money, she found that she had `1/2` as much money as Anna. Both girls spent a total of $35. How much did Jane spend ?

  6.   Mark spent `1/5` of his savings on 3 compact discs. If each compact disc costs `$23`,
    how much was his total savings?

  7.   Fatimah bought 10 kg 250 g of meat from the market.She packed them equally into 5 containers.What was the mass of meat in each container ?

  8.   Ali read `1/2` of a book on Monday, `1/3` of it on Tuesday and the rest on Wednesday. What fraction of the book did he read on Wednesday ?

  9.   What is the missing number M?
    `9 3/7=7 M/14`

  10.   The Lee family went to watch "Superman Returns" at the cinema. Mr Lee bought 5 tickets at $8.50 each. He also bought two sets of popcorn for his family. Each set cost $4.50. How much did he spend in all ?

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