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  1. dmm4q128  When a number is divided by 2,the quotient is 1.8. What is the answer when the number is multiplied by 2 ?

  2.   There are 12 roses in a vase. 4 of them are red. What fraction of the roses is not red ?

  3.   Ali read `1/2` of a book on Monday, `1/3` of it on Tuesday and the rest on Wednesday. What fraction of the book did he read on Wednesday ?

  4.   What fraction of the figure is shaded ?

  5.   Sally mixes 230 g of nuts and 1.24kg of fruits to make a bowl of salad.
    What is the mass of the fruit salad?

  6.   How many pair (s) of parallel lines does the figure have ?

  7.   The solid is made up of nine 2-cm cubes. What is the volume of the solid ?

  8.   Jane had `3/8` as much money as Anna. After Jane had spent `1/6` of her money, she found that she had `1/2` as much money as Anna. Both girls spent a total of $35.How much did Anna have at first ?

  9.  The figure is made up of small squares. The length of one side of a small square is 3 cm. Find the area of the figure.

  10.   Express `52/6` as a mixed number in its simplest form.

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