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  1. dme0q143 Mr Tan is as sly as a fox. He tricked some old woman into _________ with their money to buy fake gem stones.

  2.  The tiger patiently _______________ its prey before making its next move.

  3.  When we travelled to China last year, we stay in a __________________.

  4.  The woman ___________________ Wei Chuen is talking to is my teacher.

  5.  If you commit a traffic offence, you will have to pay a ______

  6.  Jim's teacher looked up the ____________________ to find the shortest route to the Queenstown Community Library.

  7.  Each sweet______fifty cents, Would you like to buy some?

  8.  Hilary is a very gullible girl. She is easily ____________________ by what other people say.

  9.  The pupils are told to ________ the building if a fire breaks out.

  10.  ______________ you become less selfish, no one will befiend you.

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