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  1. dme0q184 The campers are supposed to ________ in the hall at 12.30 p.m sharp before setting off to a campsite.

  2.  Each sweet______fifty cents, Would you like to buy some?

  3.  Francis ate his burger quickly as he was as hungry as a ___________________.

  4.  ______________ the pupils has been chided for vandalizing the classroom.

  5.  Don’t walk ________ a ladder! Some people believe you will get bad luck.

  6.  Please put the flask_____the chai.r

  7.  They swam______the pool in a short time

  8.  Hilary is a very gullible girl. She is easily ____________________ by what other people say.

  9.  I do not like playing tennis_______ I like playing basketball.

  10.  She may seem _______________ to all the criticism but the truth is, she is deeply hurt within.

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