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  1. dme0q145 When May Ling was walking __________ the road yesterday, she met her old classmate.

  2.  When we travelled to China last year, we stay in a __________________.

  3.  _______________ your own Christmas cards can be really fun.

  4.  Francis ate his burger quickly as he was as hungry as a ___________________.

  5.  Don’t walk ________ a ladder! Some people believe you will get bad luck.

  6.  My father ________ watching television in the evening. He particularly likes the Chinese programmes.

  7.  After looking through the ___________________ in the restaurant, I decided to order a plate of fish and chips.

  8.  They ________ that the school library was closed for renovation so they went to National Library instead.

  9.  Annie is upset because her favourite dress is _____________________.

  10.  After losing the chess game, James sat on the deck chair looking _______________ .

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