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  1. dme0q183 The huge house on top of the hill has been ________ for almost five years.

  2.  My friend, Melissa, is so ________ that she constantly gets tricked by cunning salesmen into parting with her money.

  3.  They are ________ for the examination tomorrow.

  4.  The taxi driver took us on a _______________ route before finally arriving at our destination in order to avoid the traffic jam.

  5.  The suspect is in custody and is _______________ trial.

  6.  The waves were so strong that the boat _________ in the middle of the sea.

  7.  She _____ the newspaper when I went into the room.

  8.  After looking through the ___________________ in the restaurant, I decided to order a plate of fish and chips.

  9.  _________ your soup carefully as it is hot!

  10.  She allows me to use _______ computer only when she is around.

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