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  1. dme0q133 Did you know that there _________ 365 days in a year?

  2.  The woman ___________________ Wei Chuen is talking to is my teacher.

  3.  Please put the flask_____the chai.r

  4.  The bus which we took broke down _____________ we were late for school.

  5.  You lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume food with high fat content. You are an obvious _______________ for a heart attack!

  6.  The motorist was so badly injured that the ___________________ had to operate on him immediately.

  7.  _______________ your own Christmas cards can be really fun.

  8.  All but Winston _____________________ a souvenir each at the exhibition last night.

  9.  Mr Tan is as sly as a fox. He tricked some old woman into _________ with their money to buy fake gem stones.

  10.  ______________ the pupils has been chided for vandalizing the classroom.

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