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  1. dme0q178 I drank a glass of lemonade to _______ my thirst.

  2.  Jack_______ in the house with a huge dog that likes to chase cats.

  3.  Yesterday, I ___________________ a story book from the school library during lunch time.

  4.  Mrs Ong scratched her head as she looked at the Wong sisters. She was unable to _______________ one from the other.

  5.  You lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume food with high fat content. You are an obvious _______________ for a heart attack!

  6.  The suspect is in custody and is _______________ trial.

  7.  Jim is _________ to learn that his father is tkaing his family to Japan in June. He is looking forward to the trip.

  8.  The cunning pickpocket used various _______________ to avoid being noticed.

  9.  The bus which we took broke down _____________ we were late for school.

  10.  What did you ________? I didn't hear you.

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