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  1. dme0q111 ________ are you looking so happy today?

  2.  Francis ate his burger quickly as he was as hungry as a ___________________.

  3.  They are ________ for the examination tomorrow.

  4.  Does Anna ________ a slice of chocolate cake for tea?

  5.  The huge house on top of the hill has been ________ for almost five years.

  6.  If you commit a traffic offence, you will have to pay a ______

  7.  He managed to climb up Mt. Fuji ______________________ his injured leg.

  8.  All winners in the contest will be ___________________ by post.

  9.  ______________ you become less selfish, no one will befiend you.

  10.  The football match between the two schools was called _________________ because of bad weather.

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