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  1. Water can change from one state to another. In the freezer, water _____ heat and changes from a liquid to a solid.

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  3. Susan wanted to find out whether the type of soil affects how a plant grows. She filled up 3 pots with different amounts of soil as shown below. She planted the same type of plants in each pot. She put the pots near the window and watered each pot with the same amount of water every day.

    (a) Why was Susan's experiment not a fair one?
    (b) What would you do to make it a fair test?

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  5. What are the factors that affect the rate of evaporation of water?

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  7. Water. It's in your hands. use it wisely. List two ways in which you can help save water at home.

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  9. After the eggs of the chicken are laid, the hen usually sits on them to provide _______________ for the eggs. The eggs will hatch after ____________ days.

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  11. Mei Lin fixed a balloon over a glass tube and submerged it in a beaker of water as shown in the diagram below. She then blew air into the glass tube.
    (a) The balloon will expand and occupy more space.
    (b) The water level in the beaker will rise.

    What 2 changes are observed when air is blown into it?

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  13. The diagram below shows a U-shaped tube containing some water.

    (a) The tube was then tilted. Draw in the water level in the glass tube.

    (b) What property of water does the above set-up show?

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  15. Diagram 1 below shows 2 objects, labelled A and B hung on a balance.

    Diagram 2 below shows what happens to objects A and B, after 2 other objects labelled C and D are placed on the table.

    a) Based on the above diagrams, put a tick in the right column for each of the following statements.



    Not possible to tell

    i) A is heavier than B

    ii) A and C are magnets

    iii) B is a magnet and D is a magnetic material

    b) Explain your answer to (ii).

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  17. The tubes A and B are found in the stem of a plant. The arrows in the diagram represents the movement of substances in the plant.

    a) Tube A carries _________from the roots to the other parts of the plant.
    b) Tube B carries _________from the leaves to the other parts of the plant.
    c) Name the green substance found in the leaves which enables it to trap the energy of sunlight.

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  19. A school bag feels _____ than a pencil case because it has a bigger mass.

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