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  1. A toy car can move but it is a non-living thing. Give TWO reasons why it is a non-living thing.

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  3. The diagram below shows four grasshoppers of the same size in different sealed containers A, B, C and D. Food and water are given to each grasshopper.

    (a) In which container will you expect the grasshopper to live the longest?
    (b) Explain your answer in (a).

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  5. The equation below shows the respiration process during which energy is released for our body to use. Fill in the boxes with suitable word(s).
    a) ________________ + Sugar → Carbon dioxide + b) _______________

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  7. a) Fill in the boxes with the correct words given below. [steam | water| cloud]

    b) Which arrow, A, B, C and D, in the water cycle above represent the following processes?
    i) evaporation : Arrow _______
    ii) condensation : Arrow _______

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  9. Carol shone a torchlight on a ball. A shadow was formed behind the ball.

    a) Carol said that shadow is not a matter. Is she correct?
    b) Explain your answer in (a).

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  11. Joshua conducted an experiment as shown below. He poured equal amounts of water in three containers A, B and C. He placed these containers at the school basketball court.

    (a) After several hours, he noticed that there was lesser water in all the three containers compared to the start of the experiment. Name the process that resulted in this change.
    (b) Joshua measured the volume of water left in each container. He found that different containers held different volumes of water. Write the letters A, B and C in the boxes below to show the amounts of water left in the container.

    (c) Explain what had caused the difference in the amount of water left in the three containers.

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  13. The diagram below shows a balsam plant and mould growing on a piece of bread.

    State the difference between how a balsam plant and mould reproduce.

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  15. The diagram shows a fish.

    (a) Which part of the fish (A, B, C or D) allows it to take in oxygen?
    (b) What is the outer covering of the fish?
    (c) Name another animal that has the same outer covering.

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  17. _____ and _____ work together to enable the parts of our body to move.

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  19. In an experiment, 3 cages each with the same number of live catfish were lowered separately into 3 streams P, Q and R. The catfish were not able to escape from these cages. The number of live catfish in the cages was counted over 6 days. The graph below shows the results:

    Based on the information given on the graph, indicate whether each of the following statements is 'True', 'Not True' or 'Not possible to tell'.

    Put a tick () in the correct box.



    Not True

    Not possible

    to tell

    (a) Stream R was badly polluted by oil spill. space space space

    All the catfish in Stream R died due to diseases.

    space space space
    (c) All the catfish in Stream Q died on the 6th day. space space space
    (d) There were more live catfish in Stream P than the other two streams after the 5th day. space space space

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