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  1. The diagram below shows the human respiratory system.

    (a)Name the parts labeled X and Y in the figure shown above.
    (b)What happen to parts X and Y when you are breathing in?
    (c)What is the similarity between the function of stomata in plants and the lungs of the human being?

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  3. a) In the water cycle, heat is needed for water to evaporate. Where does this heat come from? __________________
    b) Why is the water cycle important to man? __________________

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  5. a. Simon was experimenting with balloons and air. He pumped the same amount of air into three balloons shown below.

    What can he conclude from the experiment?
    b) Simon conducted another experiment using the setup below. Using a pin he pricked Balloon Y.

    What do you think Simon would observe? Draw and label your answer.

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  7. A container is divided into 2 compartments. Each compartment contains equal volume of water and a layer of oil was added onto its surface.

    (a) What will you observe 48 hours later? (2 m)
    (b) What does the experiment show? (1 m)
    (c) What is the function of the layer of oil? (1 m)

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  9. A network of blood vessels spreads over our body.

    (a) Name the blood vessel A and blood vessel B.
    Blood vessel A: __________
    Blood vessel B: __________
    (b) State one difference between the blood flowing through A and that through B.

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  11. Joseph used a torch to cast a shadow of an object on a screen.

    a) Draw the shadow of the object in the box below.

    b) State 1 thing Joseph can do to make the shadow on the screen bigger.
    c) State 1 thing Joseph can do to change the shape of the cone that is cast on the screen.

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  13. Animal X has the following characteristics:
    Method of reproduction
    Lay eggs
    Gives birth to its young
    Type of outer covering
    Hair / Fur
    Number of legs/limbs

    (a) Which group of animals does animal X belong to?
    (b) Give an example of animal X.

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  15. Write 'T' for true statements or 'F' for false statements in the blanks provided below.
    (a) All new plants grow from seeds. _____
    (b) Mushrooms are non-living things. _____
    (c) Plants take in water through the roots. _____
    (d) Plants and animals are alike because they can grow and die. _____

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  17. a) Fill in the blanks with the processes of the water cycle.

    b) Why is the sun important to the water cycle?

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  19. The diagram below shows the life cycle of a cockroach.

    a) Which group of animals does the cockroach belong to?
    b) Explain your answer in (a). Which characteristics is clearly seen from the diagram?
    c) At Stage Y, what is the cockroach known as?

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