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  1. Ali went to the gymnasium to exercise. He started to carry some weights. The picture below shows his upper arm when he lifted the weights.
    a) Draw an arrow to point to the muscle that contracted when he lifted the weights.

    b) Draw in the box below how the arm will look like when the muscle in (a) above relaxes. Label in your drawing the muscle that contracts.

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  3. Name the different parts of our respiratory system.

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  5. A liquid has definite a)_____________ thus it cannot be b____________.

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  7. Study the flow chart below.
    (a) Refer to the flowchart and complete the table below by writing A, B, C and D in the boxes.
    Duckweed ___________
    Hydrilla ___________
    Puff Ball ___________
    Ixora ___________
    (b) In which group (A, B, C or D) would you place the moss? Why?

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  9. After the eggs are laid, the hen usually sits on them to provide _____.

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  11. The flowchart below shows 5 different sets of conditions (A, B, C, D and E) that some plants were exposed to.

    a) State the conditions the plant is exposed to for set D.
    b) In which set of condition will the plant grow the best?
    c) If some seeds were exposed to these conditions, under which sets(s) of conditions can the seeds germinate?

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  13. Sample Text

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  15. Four identical t-shirts were washed and hung to dry at different places that exposed them to different conditions.

    (a) Based on the illustrations provided above, arrange the four t-shirts in the order of their rate of drying. Write the letters A, C and D in the boxes provided.

    (b) State one of the factors that affected the rate of drying in this experiment.

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  17. (a) John decided to hang his clothes out to dry one night, right after it stopped raining. However, the clothes were still damp the next morning. Give two possible reasons why this was so.
    (b) What other factor affected the rate of evaporation?

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  19. Wax and butter _____ to form liquids.

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