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  1. Study the life cycle below carefully. Identify the mistakes and draw the correct life cycle.

    (b) State one difference between the life cycle of the butterfly and the cockroach.

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  3. Using the words given below, classify the objects into the correct states.

    carbon dioxide

    Solid State
    Liquid State
    Gaseous State




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  5. When you exercise, your heart pumps faster because it needs to supply more a)_______________ and b)_______________ to other parts of the body.

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  7. The diagram shows a fish.

    (a) Which part of the fish (A, B, C or D) allows it to take in oxygen?
    (b) What is the outer covering of the fish?
    (c) Name another animal that has the same outer covering.

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  9. The diagram below shows four grasshoppers of the same size in different sealed containers A, B, C and D. Food and water are given to each grasshopper.

    (a) In which container will you expect the grasshopper to live the longest?
    (b) Explain your answer in (a).

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  11. a. Heat is needed to ensure that the water cycle takes place all the time. Where does this source of heat come from?

    b. Why is the water cycle important to us?

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  13. Wax and butter _____ to form liquids.

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  15. Look at the classification table below.

    Livings things


    Plants Group Q Group R



    Jew's ear






    Give a suitable heading for Group Q and Group R.

    Group Q: ____________________________

    Group R: ____________________________

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  17. Look at the classification table below carefully.

    (a) Give a suitable heading for X and Y.
    (b) In which group would you classify 'yeast'.
    (c) The living things in Group X and Group Y reproduce by

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  19. Study the setup below.

    a) What change in state is taking place at point X?
    b) What change in state is taking place at point Y?
    c) There was 300ml of water in beaker A at first. After all the water was boiled away, only 280ml of water was collected in beaker B. Explain in your own words why this is so.

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