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  1. The diagram below shows a group of living things living in a fish tank.

    (a) Where does plant X get most of its carbon dioxide to make food? (1 m)
    (b) State one way in which plant X is helpful to the aquatic animals living in the fish tank. (1 m)

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  3. The diagram below describes an animal.

    a) Which group of animals does Animals X belong to?
    b) Name Animal X.
    c) Name ONE other animal which belongs to the same group as Animal X but does not lay eggs.
    d) How does the animal you named in (c) reproduce?

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  5. a) In the water cycle, heat is needed for water to evaporate. Where does this heat come from? __________________
    b) Why is the water cycle important to man? __________________

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  7. Jess places an inverted glass into a basin of water as shown in the figure below. She observes that the glass is not completely filled with water.
    (a) Explain why water does not flow into the glass.

    (b) If she tilts the inverted glass at an angle still under water, what will she observe?
    (c) Explain your observation in (b).

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  9. Samantha spilled some coffee on her living room floor. Two hours later there were some stains left on the floor. How were the stains formed?

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  11. Study the flow chart below carefully.

    (a) State 2 characteristics of Animal C.

    (i) _________________________________________

    (ii) _________________________________________

    (b) Write the letter, A, B, C, or D, which represents the following animals.

    (i) turtle: __________________

    (ii) guppy: _________________

    (c) Joshua made the following statement.
    "Animal B is an insect."

    Explain why the statement made by Joshua is incorrect.

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  13. Diagram 1 below shows 2 objects, labelled A and B hung on a balance.

    Diagram 2 below shows what happens to objects A and B, after 2 other objects labelled C and D are placed on the table.

    a) Based on the above diagrams, put a tick in the right column for each of the following statements.



    Not possible to tell

    i) A is heavier than B

    ii) A and C are magnets

    iii) B is a magnet and D is a magnetic material

    b) Explain your answer to (ii).

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  15. Water. It's in your hands. use it wisely. List two ways in which you can help save water at home.

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  17. Mei Lin fixed a balloon over a glass tube and submerged it in a beaker of water as shown in the diagram below. She then blew air into the glass tube.
    (a) The balloon will expand and occupy more space.
    (b) The water level in the beaker will rise.

    What 2 changes are observed when air is blown into it?

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  19. Compare the respiratory systems of man and fish.
    (a) Name one similarity in the way they breathe.
    (b) Name one difference between them.

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