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  1. Look at the diagrams below.

    (a) On which object (A, B or C) will fungus grow on?
    (b) How does fungi reproduce?

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  3. The diagram below shows the water cycle.

    (a) Name the processes Y and Z.
    Y: _________________ Z : _________________
    (b) In which processes, X, Y, Z are there changes of state?

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  5. Look at the diagram below.

    a) Do you think the water can flow into the conical flask?
    b) Give a reason for your answer in (a).

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  7. Study the diagrams below.

    (a) What are the states of matter in Container Y?

    (i) ______________________________________

    (ii) ______________________________________

    (b) What is the state of matter in Container Z?

    (i) ______________________________________

    (ii) ______________________________________

    (c) If the contents of Container Z are poured into Container Y, there will be a change in the states of matter in Container Y. Explain why there is a change.

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  9. Five different types of plants A, B, C, D and E, are found growing near and in a pond.

    Classify all the plants by writing its letters, A, B, C, D or E, in the boxes provided in the classification table below. You may write more than one letters in each box.

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  11. Read each of the statements below carefully.
    (a) Does condensation take place in each of these situations? Circle Yes or No.

    (i) Breathing onto a mirror. Yes No
    (ii) Breathing onto a piece of paper. Yes No
    (iii) Breathing onto a glass with hot water in it. Yes No
    (iv) Breathing onto a glass with cold water in it. Yes No

    (b) Fill in the two boxes below with suitable words to show the change in state in (i).

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  13. The diagram shows the water cycle.

    (a) Complete the table by:

    (i) writing in the processes represented by the arrows. [1]

    (ii) indicating whether heat was gained or lost by ticking the correct box [1]
    Process Tick (/) if heat is gained Tick (/) if heat is lost
    Arrow 1

    Arrow 2

    (b) What is the role of plants in the water cycle? [1]

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  15. The graph below shows the number of organisms in the river after contaminated water was discharged by Factories A, B, C and D in a given month.

    a) Which factory contributed to the highest amount of pollutants?
    b) In what way can these factories cause the water to be contaminated?
    c) Explain how water pollution can impact marine life in contaminated water.

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  17. The diagram below shows the life cycle of a cockroach.

    a) Which group of animals does the cockroach belong to?
    b) Explain your answer in (a). Which characteristics is clearly seen from the diagram?
    c) At Stage Y, what is the cockroach known as?

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  19. Study the two animals below.

    Based only on what you can see from the pictures above,
    (a) state one similarity between Animal X and Animal Y.
    (b) describe how each animal would respond to a hunter firing a shot in terms of its movement.
    Animal X _________
    Animal Y___________

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