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  1. a) Fill in the blanks with the processes of the water cycle.

    b) Why is the sun important to the water cycle?

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  3. Study the shapes as shown below.

    (a) Write down one property that you can use to classify the shapes.
    (b) Using the property stated above or otherwise, complete the classification table below by filling the group headings in (i) and (ii) and the letters representing the shapes in (iii) and (iv).

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  5. A liquid has definite a)_____________ thus it cannot be b____________.

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  7. The diagrams below show 3 boys doing 3 different activities.

    a) _________ is doing an activity which the sense of sight is most important.
    b) The sense of _________ enables Stanley to tell which cup of water contains salt.
    c) Explain how a blind person can still enjoy the same activity as Henry.

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  9. A _____ has no definite shape and no definite volume.

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  11. Look at the diagram below.

    a) Do you think the water can flow into the conical flask?
    b) Give a reason for your answer in (a).

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  13. The diagram below shows a balsam plant and mould growing on a piece of bread.

    State the difference between how a balsam plant and mould reproduce.

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  15. Two similar bottles are fitted with funnels.

    (a) Which bottle will water flow in easily?
    (b) Give a reason for your answer in (a).

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  17. Classify the following into matter and non-matter.
    Oxygen, Music, Light, Alcohol

    Matter Non-Matter
    space space
    space space
    space space
    space space

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  19. Study the table below which compares the mass of a pair of scissors on Earth and on the Moon.
    (a) Use the following helping words to complete the table.

    Equal to 40
    more than 40
    less than 40

    On Earth
    On Moon
    Mass of scissors (g)
    Weight of scissors (units)

    (b) Explain your answer in (a).

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