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  1. Study the picture below.

    a) Which one will dry faster?
    b) Why?

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  5. The diagram below shows a group of living things living in a fish tank.

    (a) Where does plant X get most of its carbon dioxide to make food? (1 m)
    (b) State one way in which plant X is helpful to the aquatic animals living in the fish tank. (1 m)

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  7. Ahmad set up an experiment as shown in pictures below.

    He left the 2 set-ups, A and B, next to an open window, After a week, he observed that the seeds in one of the set-ups grew into seedlings.
    (a) In which set-up would the seeds grow into seedlings?
    (b) What could Ahmad conclude from his experiment?

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  9. Study the diagram below which shows a syringe filled with air.
    The plunger was pressed down while the nozzle was sealed.

    (a) What happened to the volume of air when the plunger was pressed down?
    (b) Explain your answer to (a).

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  11. Michael was playing with the items below and observed that only C and E were attracted to a magnet.

    a) From her observation, what can Meimei tell about A, B and D?
    b) Meimei says that if wrapped C and E in paper, the magnet would not be able to attract them. Do you agree with her? Why?

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  13. The pictures below show the different stages in the growth of a seed.
    (a) At which of the above stages would sunlight not be important?
    (b) Why would sunlight not be needed?
    (c) State the conditions needed for the seed to develop into stage B?

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  15. Sarah told Alan that we could breathe in air through our nose or mouth. Alan explained that we should breathe in air through our nose and not our mouth to reduce the risk of infection to our body. Give a reason to support Alan's explanation.

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  17. Water. It's in your hands. use it wisely. List two ways in which you can help save water at home.

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  19. Look at the figure below.
    Give two functions of the skeleton as shown above.

    (a) ______________
    (b) _______________

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