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  1. The diagram below describes an animal.

    a) Which group of animals does Animals X belong to?
    b) Name Animal X.
    c) Name ONE other animal which belongs to the same group as Animal X but does not lay eggs.
    d) How does the animal you named in (c) reproduce?

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  3. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

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  5. Picture A below shows the stem of a balsam plant. An outer layer of the stem has been cut of as shown in Picture B. Picture C shows what the stem look like after 2 hours.

    (a)What will happen to the plant after a long period of time?
    (b) Suggest a possible reason as to why is there a 'swelling' on the side of the stem in Picture C.

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  7. The graph below shows the changes in the pulse rate of a girl. She ran around a track for a few minutes and stopped after some time.

    a) At which point did she start running?
    b) What happened to her pulse rate when she was exercising?
    c) Why do you think this happened?

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  9. A group of pupils were having a toy car competition. Materials used were recycled materials and 2 rubber bands. No motors or engines were used.
    ai) Name the source of energy for the toy cars to move.
    aii) In order to have a fair competition, which 2 of the following variables must be kept constant? Put only 2 ticks in the table below.


    Starting point of the toy car
    Ending point of the toy car
    Starting time of the toy car
    Number of rubber bands used

    b) The table below shows the distance traveled by a toy car when the wheels of the car had made a number of turns.

    Number of turns of the wheels

    Distance traveled (in m)

    5 turns

    1.2 m

    10 turns

    2.5 m

    15 turns

    3.3 m

    Based on the results above, what is the relationship between the number of turns of the wheels and the distance traveled by the toy car?

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  11. Some pupil from the Science Club conducted an experiment using the setup shown below.

    After heating the beaker of coffee for half an hour, a liquid, L was collected in the dish at the end of the experiment.
    a. What could Liquid L be?
    b. Which letter, W, X, Y or Z represents the clouds in the sky?

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  13. (a) Fill in the parts of the system used for gaseous exchange for plants, fish and mammals in the table below.
    Living Things Parts used for gaseous exchange

    (b) Name one difference in the gaseous exchange in mammals and in fish.

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  15. Solids have definite shapes. Explain why plasticine is classified as a solid although its shape can be changed.

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  17. Identify the changes below as "Heat Gain" or "Heat Loss".


    Heat Gain or Heat Loss

    a) Water freezes into ice


    b) Steam changes into water droplets


    c) Water boiling in a kettle


    d) Melting of wax


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  19. List two ways the government obtains water for Singapore.
    a) ___________________________________________
    b) ____________________________________________

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