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  1. Identify the changes below as "Heat Gain" or "Heat Loss".


    Heat Gain or Heat Loss

    a) Water freezes into ice


    b) Steam changes into water droplets


    c) Water boiling in a kettle


    d) Melting of wax


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  3. A beaker contains 100ml of water. When a metal cube is put into the beaker, its water level rises to 150ml.

    (a) Explain why the water level rises.
    When 2 more similar metal cubes were placed in the beaker of water. Its water level rises further.
    (b) Draw the new water level in the diagram below.

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  5. Classify the following into matter and non-matter.
    Oxygen, Music, Light, Alcohol

    Matter Non-Matter
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    space space
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    space space

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  7. Ahmad set up an experiment as shown in pictures below.

    He left the 2 set-ups, A and B, next to an open window, After a week, he observed that the seeds in one of the set-ups grew into seedlings.
    (a) In which set-up would the seeds grow into seedlings?
    (b) What could Ahmad conclude from his experiment?

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  9. Study the table below which compares the mass of a pair of scissors on Earth and on the Moon.
    (a) Use the following helping words to complete the table.

    Equal to 40
    more than 40
    less than 40

    On Earth
    On Moon
    Mass of scissors (g)
    Weight of scissors (units)

    (b) Explain your answer in (a).

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  11. Susan wanted to find out whether the type of soil affects how a plant grows. She filled up 3 pots with different amounts of soil as shown below. She planted the same type of plants in each pot. She put the pots near the window and watered each pot with the same amount of water every day.

    (a) Why was Susan's experiment not a fair one?
    (b) What would you do to make it a fair test?

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  13. The diagram below shows the life cycle of a mosquito.

    (a) Fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete the diagram. (3 marks)
    (b) Name two other animals which have the same number of stages in its life cycle. (2 marks)
    (i) ________________________
    (ii) ________________________

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  15. Look at the classification table below carefully.

    (a) Give a suitable heading for X and Y.
    (b) In which group would you classify 'yeast'.
    (c) The living things in Group X and Group Y reproduce by

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  17. Study the diagram below carefully.

    a) Name Part X.
    b) The fish will die if Part X is missing from the respiratory system. Why is this so?

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  19. The diagram below shows part of the water cycle.

    (a) Name the process taking place at A.
    (b) In the diagram, draw two arrows to show how plants can be part of this water cycle.

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