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  1. QID Which of the following are nets of a cube?

  2. QID The area of the shaded part of the triangle below is __________ cm2.

  3. QID The figure is made up of 25 squares of side 2 cm. What fraction of the figure is unshaded?

  4. QID Mr Chin shared $130 among his three children. The first child received $m and the second child received $30 more than the first child. How much money did the third child receive?

  5. QID The pie chart below shows the different types of animals in a pet shop.

    If there are 20 more cats than hamsters, how many animals are there in the pet shop altogether?

  6. QID How many hundreds are there in 845 900?

  7. QID The difference between 2 numbers is 8. The average of the two numbers is 37. What is the bigger number?

  8. QID Find the area of the shaded part of the triangle.

  9. QID Mary bought some blue and red counters at a stationery shop in her neighbourhood. `2/3` of the counters she bought were blue and the rest were red. Later, she gave away `3/4` of the blue counters and `1/4` of the red counters and had 100 counters left. How many counters did she buy at first?

  10. QID Peter and John has some stamps. Peter gave away `3/8` of his stamps and John gave away `1/2` of his. They then had the same number of stamps left. The total number of stamps left was 540. What was the total number of stamps the boys had at the beginning?

  11. QID Three pupils, A, B and C, worked together to paint a mural. If the painting was done by Pupil A only, the time needed to complete the task is 6 hours. If the painting was done by Pupil B only, the time needed for completion is 8 hours. If the painting was done by Pupil C only, the time needed is 12 hours. What is the total time taken for the three pupils to complete the mural altogether? (Leave your answer in its simplest form)

  12. QID A square cardbox has an area of `121 cm^2`. Find the ratio of its side to its perimeter.

  13. QID There were some exercise books and files in a box. The number of exercise books was twice the number of files. Each time 7 exercise books and 5 files were taken out of the box. After a while, only 30 exercise books were left.
    (a) How many files were taken out?
    (b) What was the total number of exercise books and files in the box in the first place?

  14. QID There are 36 girls in a class. In how many ways can a teacher divide the class such that there is an equal number of girls in each group if there is more than one group and fewer than 36 groups?

  15. QID Crate P and Crate Q contain pears and apples. Crate P had 16 fewer fruits than Crate W. `5/8` of the fruits in Crate Q are apples. The remaining 24 fruits in Crate Q are pears. How many fruits are there altogether in Crate P and Crate Q?

  16. QID The net of a cube is shown below. Which is the face that is directly opposite F?

  17. QID The sales proceeds collected by 5 stalls were recorded in the table below.







    Sales proceeds

    $ 1208

    Not recorded

    $2 500

    $1 880


    The average sale proceeds from stalls B and c was $3 568. How much did stall E collect if the average collection for the 5 stalls was $2 950?

  18. QID The average height of Alex, Bill and Colin is 176 cm. Colin's height is 1.2 times of Bill's height. If Alex's height is half of the total height of Bill and Colin, find Colin's height in metres.

  19. QID What percentage of the given shapes is shaded?

  20. QID Madeline uses 25 litres of water and 15 litres of lemon juice to make lemonade. What percentage of the lemonade is the lemon juice?

  21. QID The ratio of the number of twenty-cent coins to the number of fifty-cent coins in a box was 4 : 3. Six fifty-cent coins were taken out and exchanged for twenty-cent coins. These new twenty-cent coins were then put back into the box. The ratio of the number of twenty-cent coins to the number of fifty-cent coins became 13 :4. How many twenty-cent coins were there in the box at first?

  22. QID The figure below shows 2 identical circles with centre P and centre Q and two rectangles, EFGH and PQRS. If EA = EF = BH = GH and PQ = 28 cm, find the (a) total area of the shaded parts (b) perimeter of the shaded parts of the figure

  23. QID The amount of water in the cylinder is _________ ml.

  24. QID If 2 packets of flour and 1 packet of sugar weigh 5.5 kg, what is the mass of 6 packets of flour and 3 packets of sugar?

  25. QID How much does 0.8 kg of sweets cost?

  26. QID What is the value of 35 - 25 ÷ 5 + 6 x 4?

  27. QID What is the maximum number of 4 cm cubes that can be packed into a rectangular box measuring 18 cm by 13 cm by 4 cm?

  28. QID A show started at 7.17 p.m. and ended `1 3/4` hour later. At what time did the show end?

  29. QID Find the length of wire needed to construct a cuboid 60 cm by 40 cm by 20 cm.

  30. QID Joanna was 2p years old 3 years ago. If her brother is 10 years older than her, what will be their total age in 7 years' time?

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