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  1. QID Claudia went shopping with some money. She spent $60 on a blouse and `3/5` of the remainder on a skirt. If she had $44 left, find the amount of money she had at first.

  2. QID Xiao Li prepared some orange juice by mixing 28 litres of water with 8 litres of syrup. What is the ratio of the amount of amount of syrup to the amount of water used?

  3. QID Hassan spent `1/4` of his monthly salary on rent and `1/5` of it on food. If he spent $700 on food a month, how much was his monthly rent?

  4. QID Find the area of the shaded part of the figure.

  5. QID Armani's monthly salary was $3000. Every month, he would give 40% of his salary to his father. He would spend 40% of his remaining salary on rent and saved the rest. (a)_ How much did he spent on rent? (b) What percentage of his monthly salary did he save?

  6. QID How many 2-cm cubes be cut from the following wooden block?

  7. QID 0.2 of John's cards is equal to `1/4` of Andrew's cards. If they have a total of 180 cards, how many cards did John have at first?

  8. QID The average time taken for Ming Da to swim 4 laps is 75 s. If the average time taken for him to swim 3 laps is 71 s, find the time he has taken to swim the 4th lap.

  9. QID What percentage of $4 is $1.50?

  10. QID 

    Elma spilled some ink on her result slip. The average mark of the 4 subjects is 84. How many mark did she score for Chinese?

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  12. QID Susan baked a cake. She gave `1/4` of it to her neighour. The remaining cake was shared equally among her husband and 4 children. What fraction of the cake did her husband get?

  13. QID 0.5 kg of roast pork cost $15. James bought 2.5 kg of roast pork. If he gave the cashier $100, how much change would he get?

  14. QID A container is `1/9` filled with water. When David pours another 25 litres of water into it, it becomes `2/3` full. Find the capacity of the container.

  15. QID The following figure is not drawn to scale. ABCD is a trapezium and `/_BCE` = 87°. (a) `/_CBE` (b) `/_DCE` (c) `/_DAE`

  16. QID Find the value of 213 x 18.

  17. QID Mrs Wang baked 512 cookies and sold them in boxes of 32. Each box of cookies was sold at $12.50. How much did she earn?

  18. QID A rectangular tank is 20 cm long ans 10 cm wide. The height of the water level in the container was 5 cm at first. What is the height of the water level after 3 ℓ of water is poured into the container?

  19. QID Evaluate `2/7` ÷ 2 + `1/2`

  20. QID The parking charges in a car park is shown in the table below.

    If Mr Ang parked his car from 9.30 a.m to 1.15 p.m., how much did he pay?

  21. QID `2/3` of Peter's money is equal to `3/4` of Tom's money. Express Peter's money as a ratio of Tim's money.

  22. QID John and Mary read a total of 30 books in May. In June, John read 9 books fewer than Mary who had read thrice as many as she did in May. If both of them read a total of 45 books in June, how many books did John read in the 2 months?

  23. QID Find the volume of the water in the container.

  24. QID The average weight of 5 boys is 82 kg. If the total weigh of 2 of the boys is 200 kg. What is average weight of the remaining boys?

  25. QID Aminah spent $150 and had $350 left. What percentage of her money did she spend?

  26. QID The figure below, is not drawn to scale. Is made up of 2 triangles ABC and BCD. ABC is a straight line . Find `/_k`.

  27. QID Write two million, three thousands, two hundred and forty-seven in figures.

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  29. QID The figure below is not drawn to scale. MNOP is a rhombus. Find `/_MON`.

  30. QID The following figure is not drawn to scale. ABCD is a parallelogram and ABC is an isosceles triangle. Find `/_CAB`.

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