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  1. QID Express 1`1/2`% as a decimal.

  2. QID `2/3` of Peter's money is equal to `3/4` of Tom's money. Express Peter's money as a ratio of Tim's money.

  3. QID Find the volume of the water in the container.

  4. QID The following figure not drawn to scale ABC is a right-angled triangle and ACDE is a parallelogram. Find `/_a`.

  5. QID Xiao Li prepared some orange juice by mixing 28 litres of water with 8 litres of syrup. What is the ratio of the amount of amount of syrup to the amount of water used?

  6. QID The figure shows a field which consists of a rectangle and a triangle. The area of Pond M is 36 `m^2`. Find the area of the whole field, excluding Pond M.

  7. QID A container is `1/9` filled with water. When David pours another 25 litres of water into it, it becomes `2/3` full. Find the capacity of the container.

  8. QID The figure below is not drawn to scale. `/_a` is twice as large as `/_b`. Find `/_b`.

  9. QID The figure below, is not drawn to scale. Is made up of 2 triangles ABC and BCD. ABC is a straight line . Find `/_k`.

  10. QID The following figure is not drawn to scale. ABCD is a trapezium and `/_BCE` = 87°. (a) `/_CBE` (b) `/_DCE` (c) `/_DAE`

  11. QID When Mr Low is 32 years old, his daughter is 5 years old. In how many years' time will Mr Low be 4 times as old as his daughter?

  12. QID How many 2-cm cubes be cut from the following wooden block?

  13. QID The ratio of Ali's sweets to Bala's to Charlie's was 1 : 2 : 4. When Charlie gave away 60 sweets to be shared between Ali and Bala, he found that the 3 of them had the same number of sweets. How many sweets did Bala have at first?

  14. QID The figure below is not drawn to scale. MNOP is a rhombus. Find `/_MON`.

  15. QID How many tens are there in the sum of 468 and 112?

  16. QID The following figure is not drawn to scale. ABCD is a parallelogram and ABC is an isosceles triangle. Find `/_CAB`.

  17. QID Hassan spent `1/4` of his monthly salary on rent and `1/5` of it on food. If he spent $700 on food a month, how much was his monthly rent?

  18. QID When Tap A was turned on, it took 10 minutes to fill up the tank with water. But it took only 8 minutes to fill up the same tank with water when both Tap A and Tap B were turned on at the same time. What was the rate per minute at which the water flowed out from Tap B?

  19. QID A rectangular tank is 20 cm long ans 10 cm wide. The height of the water level in the container was 5 cm at first. What is the height of the water level after 3 ℓ of water is poured into the container?

  20. QID Claudia went shopping with some money. She spent $60 on a blouse and `3/5` of the remainder on a skirt. If she had $44 left, find the amount of money she had at first.

  21. QID What is the value of the digit 6 in 860 293?

  22. QID Zhang Zhe gave 40% of his 60 marbles to a friend. How many marbles had he left?

  23. QID Susan baked a cake. She gave `1/4` of it to her neighour. The remaining cake was shared equally among her husband and 4 children. What fraction of the cake did her husband get?

  24. QID 

  25. QID 0.2 of John's cards is equal to `1/4` of Andrew's cards. If they have a total of 180 cards, how many cards did John have at first?

  26. QID Mrs Wang baked 512 cookies and sold them in boxes of 32. Each box of cookies was sold at $12.50. How much did she earn?

  27. QID Alton is twice Brandon's age. Charlie is `1/6` the total age of Alton and Brandon. If Alton is 24 years old, what is the average age of the 3 boys?

  28. QID Claire and Grace had $560 altogether. Claire received another $80 from her father. She then had thrice as much money as Grace. How money did Claira have originally?

  29. QID Find the value of 213 x 18.

  30. QID Write two million, three thousands, two hundred and forty-seven in figures.

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