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  1. QID  Refer to the graph below to answer Question 7 and Question 8. The graph below shows the number of story books belonging to four pupils.

    Who has the least number of storybooks?

  2. QID  There are 3 members in a family. Each family member drinks 2 525 ml of water a day. How much water does the family drink in a week?

  3. QID  What is the value of the digit 8 in the number 84 035?

  4. QID  Jim has 3 times as many stamps as Ben. Andy has 438 stamps which is 6 times as many as what Ben has.
    a) How many stamps does Jim have?
    b) How many stamps do the three boys have altogether?

  5. QID  The first two common multiples of 2 and 3 are _____________.

  6. QID  What is the product of 834 and 49?

  7. QID  James packs 7 829 apples into 4 boxes. If 5 apples from the third box are rotten, he will have an equal number of apples in each box.
    How many apples are there in the third box at first?

  8. QID  Find the difference between the 6th multiple of 9 and the 4th multiple of 8.

  9. QID  Judy and Lisa were awarded stickers by their English, Mathematics and Science teachers. The number of stickers awarded to each pupil is shown in the table below. However, the number of stickers awarded to Judy for English and the number of stickers awarded to Lisa for Mathematics are not shown.












    Total number of





    a) How many stickers did Lisa receive from her Mathematics teacher?
    b) How many stickers did Judy receive altogether from the 3 subject teachers?

  10. QID  Mrs Lee made a total of 6 453 cupcakes and biscuits. She used 150 containers to hold 32 cupcakes in each container and had a remainder of 28 cupcakes. How many biscuits did she make?

  11. QID  What is the sum of all factors of 18?

  12. QID 8 000 less than 56 400 is _______________.

  13. QID  What is the place value of the digit 6 in the number 26 401?

  14. QID  60 900 is 1 000 more than ?. What is the missing number in the box?

  15. QID  What is the quotient when 27 198 is divided by 9?

  16. QID  Write the following in numerals.
    2 ten thousands, 14 hundreds, 2 tens and 5 ones.

  17. QID  5 similar T-shirts and a pair of pants cost $330. If a pair of pants costs $80, what is the cost of one T-shirt?

  18. QID  Bryna and Joyce have $4 416 together. Joyce's share is three times as much as Bryna's. How much is Bryna's share?

  19. QID  Round off the value of the ring to the nearest hundred.

  20. QID  Alan had $12 000. He wants to buy a sofa set for $7 499 and a bedroom set for $8 899. How much more money does he need?

  21. QID 

    Cara wants to have 3 times as many storybooks as Dew. How many more storybooks must Cara buy?

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