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  1. QID  Round off 4 213 to the nearest hundred.

  2. QID  In which of the following is the digit 8 in the thousands place?

  3. QID  Sam can save $40 in a month. How much can Sam save in a year?

  4. QID  Carl has 13 toy cars more than Jack. Jack has 5 toy cars less than Simon. How many more toy cars has Carl than Simon?

  5. QID  A bowling alley opens at 11.30 am and closes at 5 pm every day. How long is it opened each day?

  6. QID  Find the common factors of 9 and 12.

  7. QID  Pupils from 4W, 4X, 4Y and 4Z took part in a survey to find out about their favourite pastime activity. This is the findings of the survey.




































    a) Complete the above table.
    b) How many pupils took part in the survey?
    c) If 7 pupils who like hiking change their minds and like cycling, how many pupils like cycling now?

  8. QID  ? - 453 = 545 The missing number in the box is __________________. Round off your answer to the nearest 10.

  9. QID  If 72 is the ninth multiple of a certain number, what is that number?

  10. QID  Ming baked some cookies for sale. She sold 9 boxes of cookies. There were 12 cookies in each box. If she had 3 boxes of 3 cookies in each box left, how many cookies did she bake?

  11. QID  There are 360 pupils in the hall. Mr Lee wants to arrange them in groups. Mr Lee puts 9 pupils in each group. How many groups are there?

  12. QID 

    How many pupils weigh between 40-49kg?

  13. QID  There were 2145 children at a concert. There were 348 fewer adults than children at that concert. How many adults were there at the concert?

  14. QID  Find the product of 96 and 78.

  15. QID  Meena bought 1kg of onions which cost $1.80 and 1kg of cucumbers which cost twice as much as the onions. She gave $10 to the vegetable seller. How much change did she receive?

  16. QID  Mandy and Samuel have $460. Mandy has 4 times as much as Samuel. How much does Mandy have?

  17. QID  ? ÷ 3 = 64 R2
    The missing number in the box is ________________

  18. QID  Find the difference between 4 359 and 897.

  19. QID 

    What is the perimeter of this figure? (The figure is not drawn to scale)

  20. QID 

    The missing number in the box is ______________.

  21. QID  There were some cattle and sheep in a zoo. There were twice as many sheep as cattle. The zoo keeper counted 84 legs altogether. How many cattle were there?

  22. QID  Sally is 124 cm tall. Her brother is 13 cm shorter than her. What is their total height?

  23. QID  Ali took 6 minutes to draw a horse. He took twice as long to draw a dragon. He then, took four times as long to draw a castle with a dragon in it. How long did he take to draw the castle with a dragon in it?

  24. QID 

    The figure below is made up of 3 rectangles. Find the area of the whole figure. (The figure is not drawn to scale)

  25. QID  Which of the following has the smallest value?

  26. QID  4 560 is 500 more than _______________.

  27. QID 

    Which weight range has the least number of pupils in it?

  28. QID  The cost of tickets to a show was $11 for 1 adult and $7 for 1 child. Mrs Tang bought tickets for 4 adults and 5 children. If she gave the cashier $100, how much change would she receive?

  29. QID  ? x 8 = 432. The missing number in the box is _____________.

  30. QID 

    What is the mass of A?

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