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  1. QID Which one of the following number statements is correct?
    A gardener planted @ rows of trees. There were $ trees in each row. Altogether there were 72 trees.

  2. QID Mrs Tan earns $8 an hour. How many hours must she work to earn $808?

  3. QID Janice has 2 one-dollar coins, 3 fifty-cent coins, 4 twenty-cent coins and 7 ten-cent coins. How much money has she?

  4. QID Which number in the box is the odd one out?
      187    284    639    971 

  5. QID The sum of two numbers is 120. If one number is twice the other number, what is the smaller number?

  6. QID What is the quotient when 700 is divided by 5?

  7. QID 

    What is the missing number ?

  8. QID Which one of the following is the same as 5 410?

  9. QID The product of 26 and 5 is the same as the product of 10 and __________________.
    What is the missing number

  10. QID I think of a number. When I divide it by 3 and add the quotient to 16, the answer is 25. What is the number?

  11. QID Using all the digits given, what is the largest even number that can be formed, with the digit 3 in the tens place?
      2    3    5     0 

  12. QID 4 x 7 = 28 has the same meaning as ___________.

  13. QID 589 + 42 = ____ - 30.
    What is the number in the blank?

  14. QID A T-shirt cost $ 7. If Janice bought 6 such T-shirts, how much change would she get if she paid the cashier with a $ 50 note?

  15. QID Arrange the numbers in order. Begin with the smallest number.
      3 624    3 246   3 264  3 426

  16. QID 35 ÷ 7 = 40 ÷ ________________.
    What is the missing number in the box?

  17. QID Which one of the following numbers has the digit 8 in the hundreds place?

  18. QID 200 less than ____________ is 2 815.
    What is the number in the blank?

  19. QID Mdm Rafiah bought 9 boxes of tarts. Each box contained 18 tarts. She distributed the tarts equally to all her pupils. Each pupil received 6 tarts. How many pupils were there in her class?

  20. QID How many cents are there in $12?

  21. QID Suresh wanted to buy a motorcycle from Ali. It cost $9 000. He had only $8 055.
    (a) How much more money did he need?
    (b) He took 7 months to pay the rest of the money to Ali. If he paid the same amount of money each month, how much would he have to pay each month?

  22. QID A fruit-seller had 200 apples. He threw away 14 rotten apples. He packed the rest into bags of 6. How many bags of apples did he have?

  23. QID My father can take a maximum of 4 people in his car. What is the least number of trips he has to make to take 21 people to the Singapore Zoological Gardens in his car?

  24. QID There were 159 women and 177 men in a cinema. If they were seated in 8 equal rows, how many people were there in each row?

  25. QID What is the difference between 3 985 and 7 124?

  26. QID What is remainder when 156 is divided by 7?

  27. QID Leela had $88.20. She bought two of the items shown below and had $20.60 left. Which two items did she buy?

    sunglasses          swimming costume    sun-block lotion    towel

  28. QID There were 40 passengers in a big bus and 12 passengers less in a small bus. What was the total number of passengers in the two buses?

  29. QID A laptop cost $2 110. A computer cost $386 less than the laptop. How much would Ahmad have to pay if he bought both the laptop and the computer?

  30. QID James has 10 books more than Tom and 16 books less than Ahmad. Ahmad has 56 books.
    (a) How many books has tom?
    (b) If James sold his books at $3 each to a second-hand bookshop, how much money would he get?

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