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  1. QID Bala has a red PE Tank-top and a white shirt. He has a pair of blue shorts and a pair of green pants. In how many ways can Bala wear his clothes? (Hint: Make a list)

  2. QID # + $ = 9
    $ + $ + $ = 15.
    What number is represented by #?

  3. QID The numbers 1 to 40 were written on a piece of paper. They were arranged in 4 rows: A, B, C and D. The piece of paper was torn and only one portion of it remained.

    Which row was the number 36 in?

  4. QID The length of the stick is _________________________ cm.

  5. QID Wendy is shorter than Grace.
    Catherine is taller than May.
    Grace is as tall as May.
    Who is the tallest girl among the 4 of them?

  6. QID The weight scale below shows the weight of a packet of flour. What is the weight of 2 such packets of flour?

  7. QID Keith used 4 toothpicks to make a square. How many squares can he make with 32 toothpicks?

  8. QID Container A has a mass of 120 kg. It is 47 kg more than container B.
    Find the mass of container B.

  9. QID Write one multiplication sentence.

  10. QID Mark collected 51 shells.
    He lost 6 of them and put the rest equally in 5 boxes.
    How many shells were there in each box?

  11. QID Ryan folded 4 cranes. Samuel folded twice as many cranes as Ryan. How many cranes did the 2 boys fold altogether?

  12. QID 8 fives is the same as 60 - _______________________.

  13. QID After Mrs Chan used 250 g of flour, she had 476 g of flour left. How much flour had she at first?

  14. QID A pair of socks cost $4. A T-shirt cost $8.
    Mrs Lee bought 5 pairs of socks and 1 T-shirts for herself.
    How much would she need to pay?

  15. QID Fill in the blanks with kg or g.
    (a) The mass of a can drink is about 525 __________________.
    (b) The mass of Mr Cheng is about 75 ___________________.

  16. QID Mary baked 125 pineapple tarts. She baked 48 fewer pineapple tarts than Esther. How many pineapple tarts did Esther bake?

  17. QID You are given 3 cards.
      1    6    5 

    A number can be formed using these 3 digits.
    That number is between 500 and 550.
    What is the number?

  18. QID ________is 10 less than 9 hundreds 3 tens.

  19. QID What is the difference between 4 fives and 6 twos?

  20. QID If @@ stands for 6 stickers, then @@@ stands for __________ stickers.

  21. QID In 417, the digit 4 stands for _________ .

  22. QID What is the value of the digit '8' in 784?

  23. QID Dave and some friends are standing in a row. He is the 6 th person when we count from the right of the row. He is the 5 th when we count from the left. How many people are there in the row?

  24. QID Peter has $61. He spends $25 on a shirt.
    (a) How much has he left?
    (b) Peter wants to buy a pair of pants that costs $99. How much more money does he need?

  25. QID Multiply 4 by 9. The answer is _________________________

  26. QID There were 216 durians on a tree.
    There were 69 durians left after 3 days.
    How many durians had dropped?

  27. QID Brandon had 500 kg of rambutans.
    He sold 259 kg of rambutans.
    How many kilograms of rambutans had he left?

  28. QID 52 less than 314 is __________ .

  29. QID 5 hundreds and 5 ones is the same as _________.

  30. QID Arrange these numbers from the greatest to the smallest.
      806    680    608    860 

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